“It’s like you’ve died and gone to vintage heaven

Snoopers Attic is vintage heaven and a creative haven. A unique Brighton collective featuring over twenty designers, makers and hoarders, the Attic is a boutique market, art space and workshop all at once, residing upstairs in Snoopers Paradise, in the heart of The North Laine.

With everything from vintage clothing to hand-crafted jewellery, the Attic is home to the most curious array of homewares and accessories you could imagine, with a strong eco aesthetic and even stronger character.

Rag & Bone

A collection of vintage and antique textiles, haberdashery, found objects and decorative homewares.

Lucia J. Elliston

Handcrafted goods such as note/sketch books, jewellery including enamelled penny pendants and maybe the odd sewn waistcoat or bag.

Trinkets & Treasure

A curious mixture of flora, fauna, teeth and bones, beetles in a matchbox and bees trapped in a jar.

Fancier Feather

Exquisite bespoke millinery inspired by the roaring 20's and the glamorous 40's with a contemporary twist.


Jewellery inspired by all the colours and bounty of eccentric nature. Using real beetle shells, porcupine quills, parrot feathers, snake vertebrae, semiprecious stones and more!

EIW Makeup

Makeup and hair skills, such as Bridal, Fashion, Theatre, TV, Special effects, Wig and Facial hair application, hair styling and Barbering.

Cuckoo Cherry Tree

Cuckoo cherry trees vintage dressed hat display is a must see or miss out selection of beauties.

Rainy Day Vintage

A fabulous collection of ladies vintage and retro styles.


Beautiful cardigans, camisole sets and ballerina wraps with a lovely feminine wide-lace trim and a fitted shape.

Blue Moon Vintage

Beautiful and original antique clothes. Victorian, Edwardian and 1920s.

Mantra Mens Shirts

All our designs and patterns have been specifically chosen and tailored for men who aren't looking to blend in with the crowd.